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JM Softeners supply and install Kinetico Water softeners throughout Berkshire, with nearly 30 years experience within the industry, they can advise on all aspects of water softening.

Kinetico Water softeners from JM Softeners

Scale on shower doors and screens, unsightly white marks around sinks, baths, taps and toilet bowls; blocked showerheads, furred-up heater elements and hot water tanks....we are all too familiar with the effects of hard water in our homes.

The solution, a Kinetico 2020c Water Softener - widely regarded to be the most advanced domestic water softener available, it takes water softening to a whole new level of sophistication. The immediate benefits of installing a Kinetico 2020c will be clear, scale-free water which will result in significant savings on soap products, detergents and cleaning materials. Softened water makes hair feel soft and silky, laundry softer and easier to manage; and taps, glasses and dishes all shiny too.

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Plus limescale is not only a visible blight - it can cause serious damage to household plumbing and domestic appliances. Without softened water, boilers, central heating systems, immersion heaters, dishwashers and washing machines all run less efficiently and are more prone to breakdown. With households currently faced with record energy price rises, installing a water softener is now regarded as one of the best energy saving measures you can take. So the long-term benefits of installing a Kinetico water softener will be reduced maintenance of water-using domestic appliances and a reduction in heating bills. The Kinetico 2020c water softener is renowned for its reliability and this is backed up by the company's reassuring, "no quibble" 10-year parts warranty. For more details, or to arrange your 'no obligation' demonstration, please contact JM Softeners.