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November 2014 - "Tackle limescale: The snug tricks to save on energy and water" bills"

An article in The Daily Mail, looking at ways to save money on energy and water bills recognises that the build up of limescale in your boiler and heating system can add significantly to your energy bills. The recommendation, to fit a Kinetico 2020c - to find out more about how fitting a water softener can reduce bills and protect appliances, contact JM Softeners on 0118 984 1500.

May 2014 - Thames Water issue a do not drink notice to customers in RG8 postcodes

Thames Water have issued a do not drink notice to customers in RG8 postcodes, after a strange odour was noticed in the water. Affected areas include the villages of Pangbourne, Streatley, Moulsford, Upper Basildon and Ashamptead. The source of the odour is thought to be a chemical called styrene, from newly repaired water pipes. Thames Water have made bottled water available to customers after advising them not to use their tap water for drinking, brushing teeth, and letting pets drink. It is thought that the water will be safe to drink after the offending pipework has been bypassed and water supplies have been flushed.

For more information see Thames Water's dedicated site.

Kinetico K5 Ultra Pure

You can never be sure what lurks in your drinking water. Coliform bacteria and E coli are some of the most common types of bacteria found in our water supply. Some coliform can be harmless but others can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Make your drinking water safe for you and your family with the Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra – designed to deliver bio-pure water by removing 99.99% of viruses and 99.99% of bacteria. You can enjoy plentiful, pure drinking water when you need it giving you complete peace of mind.

The K5 Reverse Osmosis System is simple and easy to use, with unique MACguard[R] device to determine when a filter change is required. It also comes with a separate QuickFlo water tank and Victoria tap making it the perfect drinking water system for any home. Please call us on 0118 984 1500 for more details.

May 2013 - How a water softener can help you make huge savings in your home

A recent article in The Daily Mail, highlights the energy savings that can be made by reducing or eliminating limescale. It estimates that every millimetre on the boilers element increases energy consumption by seven percent.

October 2012 - Kinetico launches AquaBlu

Aqua Blu

New from Kinetico is the AquaBlu Water Softeners. The AquaBlu is a mid-range water softener, ideally suited for houses with one bathroom and a standard combi or gravity fed heating system. Click Here for more information.

September 2012 - National Eczema Awareness Month

National Eczema Week

In support of National Eczema week (15th-23rd September 2012), Kinetico is offering £50 cashback on purchases of a Kinetico 2020c or Kinetico 2050c, when supplied by an authorised Kinetico dealer. JM Softeners are matching Kinetico's £50 cashback, meaning customers will qualify for £100 Cashback. Terms & Conditions will apply.

March 2012 - Preview Real Home Magazine Feature

Real Home Magazine Feature

Spring is here, and it's an ideal time for those home improvements. Whether fitting a new bathroom or kitchen or extending your home, call JM Softeners to find out why now is the perfect time to fit a Kinetico Water Softener.
Coming soon - More information about the Real Homes Magazine feature and details about how you could win a 2020c Water Softener and free salt for a year with Kinetico Water Systems and Real Home Magazine.

Energy saving and Kinetico

January 2012 - £250 Trade in offer is back!

Back by popular demand. For a limited time JM Softeners and Kinetico Water Systems are offering a fantastic £250 off the RRP a Kinetico 2020c Water Softener when you trade in your existing water softener.

Energy saving and Kinetico

October 2011 - Energy Saving & Kinetico

Just how much money can a water softener save you? Up to £400 per year according to the Battelle Report, in addition to prolonging the life of your water using appliances. The Battelle Report conducted by the independent Battelle Institute investigated the energy consumption and associated costs of heating hard water versus the savings with softened water.

Energy saving and Kinetico

October 2011 - £250 Trade in offer

Back by popular demand. For a limited time JM Softeners and Kinetico Water Systems are offering a fantastic £250 off the RRP a Kinetico 2020c Water Softener when you trade in your existing water softener.